Friday, June 1, 2007

Welcome to Faith in a Dress!

This blog was born of a project we lovingly call Faith in a Dress.

In June 2007, Pam Hogeweide and Erin Word were given the generous opportunity to guest-edit Bill Dahl's publication Porpoise Diving Life; and we chose to have this issue be written entirely by women.

We received numerous amazing submissions, and desired to create a place where people could interact with the articles, poetry and other submissions we received.

The articles are organized in the sidebar by title and author. Please feel free to discuss these articles in the comments section on each article's page.

We hope you will enjoy the many wonderful writings of the women who participated.

Thanks for visiting!


Pam and Erin

Pam Hogeweide writes about
disillusionment and discovery
in the wilderness of faith at
How God Messed Up My Religion.

Erin Word writes about
rediscovering faith
from the inside out at
Decompressing Faith.

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