Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Confession IV

Confession IV
by Kelly Hall

i will cry again over the absence of you

because i will never be a priority
above any boy, man, or country.

because you continue to choose
to serve yourself.

because i work

and you play.

because i know
not every little girl gets a daddy.

remember that day Jesus took me in for a glass of water?
you kept glaring at me from behind the bushes
waving your arms, motioning for me to run?

we were just going to ring the bell and run, but i got caught.
(it’s almost like someone tipped us off)
you and i both knew i was done for as He nudged me into the sky,
took my cactus hands, and interlaced our fingers into a braid of devotions

honey’d thoughts clung in blue

i asked Him if i was dead
(He laughed His side sore).
He motioned me towards a gape
between His puckering ribs
once leathery and leaking...

my name, carved upon His skin,

right under yours.

Kelly Hall lives outside of Houston, TX with her husband and children. She’s a freelance artist, writer and editor, currently working on The Voice Bible, a retelling of the scriptures. You can get more information about The Voice at Hear the Voice.

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