Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Tomato Soup

Tomato Soup
by Kelly Hall

Her face hangs;
heavier than long winter’s romances
that have been gently creased, cut
forming delicate snow crystals
that meander above her brow,
whispering secrets tucked
behind the hairline where…

“Once upon a time…”
babies breathed life against lobes
studded in stainless steel,
morning’s milk
and half moon scratches

Now, all-a-dangle with bangles
all too rich for curious giggling fingers
while hosting enough fire to melt
silvery strands that bow to their brilliance…

And so we sit and stare into memories
somewhat recalled, once again...
for one more afternoon
over grilled cheese and tomato soup

…not because it was his favorite,
(he liked crackers and milk)

But, just because it's the hot meal
her fingers can still manage…
sandwiches cut diagonally
to hug this steamy mug

as it mists up moments
of a lifetime well spent.

Kelly Hall lives outside of Houston, TX with her husband and children. She’s a freelance artist, writer and editor, currently working on The Voice Bible, a retelling of the scriptures. You can get more information about The Voice at Hear the Voice.

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