Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Awake Woman

Awake Woman
by Kelly Hall

I am not that woman of many arms,
moving everywhichway,

(The woman I am,
holds less than two hands
one (inside the other) inside the other,
lost found webbed and free
two palms sowing love
two palms weeping woe
in a good-gone-sour world
ground, sky, water once braided
and bowed in harmony
stands matted mangled tangled—
an accessory to now-life.)

I tell you,
before these lips ever whispered for air
and ever since these feet touched her face
there was Love
and Love lays in her (alive, and still)
this woman she is
sleeping beneath will
nested in her many arms (though they twitch)
rounded and waiting for the shell to crack
bringing out her face to the Glow
orever-life winding in and out of her lungs


Kelly Hall lives outside of Houston, TX with her husband and children. She’s a freelance artist, writer and editor, currently working on The Voice Bible, a retelling of the scriptures. You can get more information about The Voice at Hear the Voice.

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