Wednesday, May 30, 2007


by Kelly Hall

And, I can’t say…
emphatically enough...

while swallowing down
heart beats
shard by shard
to where true heartache
wails blues never to be touched
by oxygen...

I keep unfolding kisses
each crease
a perfectly pressed petal
gold dusted--entrusted
and tucked gently

into envelopes
into pockets
into memory

nestled sweetly
as I keep walking
this uncomfortable walk
leashed and yanked
to this broken heal
that knows
this one march
that ends at your doorstep
panting words to vapors
that you will never hear

Kelly Hall lives outside of Houston, TX with her husband and children. She’s a freelance artist, writer and editor, currently working on The Voice Bible, a retelling of the scriptures. You can get more information about The Voice at Hear the Voice.

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