Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Book Review : The Lost Apostle

The Lost Apostle: Searching For The Truth About Junia
by Rena Pederson

A book review by Donna Van Horn

Junia, who was Junia? I don’t know about you, but I tend to skim fast over names in the bible. Junia or Junias, depending on the translation, was just another strange name to be overlooked.

Then someone mentioned Junia was a female name….whoa, wait a minute, Paul was talking about apostles (Romans 16:7). Could he have been ministering along side with a woman?

Thankfully Rena Pederson, an award-winning and Pulitzer Prize nominated journalist, asked the same questions.

In her book, The Lost Apostle, she goes to great lengths to satisfy her journalistic curiosity. Spending time with theologians and biblical scholars, as well as trekking around the world, readers might expect a dry, boring history book. Instead, with a style reminiscent of Anne Lamott, the author brings life to an old mystery.

In the process of trying to find Junia, Pederson delves into the world and life of the early church. Those who are interested in how women influenced the church in it’s infancy and want to see what leadership roles women had will enjoy this book.

Donna Van Horn has always been a voracious reader, and any subject was fair game - from religion to history to sports. She lives in Vancouver, Wa and has been married to Chuck, who has patiently and lovingly supported her 'book habit', for 19 years. Her other interests include nature photography and anything else that gets her out of the house! You can find her at her blog Adventures in Washington and her Myspace page.


crystal said...

so...this has peaked my curiosity...looks like i need to take a trip to powell's!! :) thx donna!

Pam Hogeweide said...

mine too. i definitely want to read The Lost Apostle. thanks for sharing this with us donna

donnav said...

Powells??? Crystal if I lived where you did...I would be more of a fixture there than I already am!!
Yes, you both will enjoy the book...can't wait to discuss it with you!!

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