Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Music Review : Tina Marie Williams

Tina Marie Williams: Acceptable

A Music review by Lynn Brunner

I stumbled across Tina Marie Williams working at our local coffee shop and got invited to her concert at the Tralf, a small music venue in downtown Buffalo, New York that features high quality acts. She blew me away! Her music and lyrics are raw yet tender, full of that longing for God that can burn like salt in a wound, but in that good way that starts the healing.

In “Scarlet,” one of my favorites, God holds out promise for rest and redemption:

Slide from all the thoughts in your restless mind, to your knees and

Find that I’m still waiting, there’s still time to

Slide…aren’t you tired tonight?”

Tina writes beautiful poetry set to just the right music, which is very satisfying without being sweet. She sings with a mix of passion, power and vulnerability that suits the turbulence of her stormy questioning.

Tina Marie Williams is a young woman “emerging” musically and spiritually, but I listen because her work is just some of the best I’ve heard in a long time.

Acceptable is available at her website You can also hear some of her music there and find links to her MySpace and YouTube sites where you can see video clips of her performing in concert.

Lynn Brunner is detoxing and emerging in the Buffalo, New York area. She can be reached at

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