Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Sinful Woman at Simon the Pharisee's House

the sinful woman at simon the pharisees house
luke 7:36-50

by kathy escobar

she busted through the door
fell at this feet
desperate, searching, certain that He’d
give her something she craved.
peace. understanding. hope.

they scoffed. how could she?
how could He?
her type’s not welcome here.
this gathering, it’s for the together,
the smart, the boys, the elite.

welcome or not, she knew she
had to get there.
to His feet.
to lay before Him
and offer her tears, her heart,
her thanks.
the sweet smell of perfume mixed with
her tears
filled the courtyard.

and the bystanders gaped.
you can’t do that. we’re talking
theology here
and you want to weep,
to fall all over yourself?

yes, He affirms. she gets it.
this is the theology He’s talking about.
she understands.
doesn’t care if she’s misunderstood.
she knows He forgives.
He loves. He believes in her when
nobody else does.

and because of her past, all the mistakes,
raw and real.
because of her desperation,
her unwillingness to hide or pretend
because of her humility,
her openness to healing.

she receives.

may i be like her,
unhindered by
human-created norms,
breaking the rules.
causing heads to turn.
risking my pride.
seeking Truth,
willing to find Him at all costs.

kathy escobar copastors the refuge, a church plant in north denver committed to the messy, the hurting, the marginalized. she co-authored come with me: an invitation to break through the walls between you and God, published by discovery house press, she also co-authored some new material coming out july 2007 called refresh: sharing stories, building faith; it's in a magazine format and published by new hope. you can find kathy at the refuge or the refuge blog. you can also e-mail her at kathy at therefugeonline dot org.

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